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Our History

The Harvard Catholic Seal

At the center is a curved bridge, reminiscent of the bridges over the nearby Charles River and emblematic of the English university from which our city of Cambridge gets its name. The heart above the bridge, emanating rays of divine love, is taken from the coat of arms of our patron, Saint John Henry Cardinal Newman, the great Anglican convert to Catholicism and author of “The Idea of a University.”  Below the bridge is the book from the seal of Harvard, inscribed with the phrase “Veritas,” or “Truth,” and laid upon the sword of the martyrdom of our parish patron, St. Paul. Written underneath, the motto “Christo et Ecclesiae” (“For Christ and the Church”), adopted from the original Harvard seal, proclaims the aim and goal of the Catholic Center. Both book and sword are depicted on a crimson background, the Harvard color of power, life and energy.

Harvard Catholic Seal (no background).png
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