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Fr. George Salzmann Guestbook


Armando Del Bosque, HBS’97

April 24, 2019

Thank you Fr George for over 20 years of friendship and guidance. In that order, for your always unconditional friendship has allowed me to open up to your wonderful Catholic guidance. Not necessarily about scriptures but life itself and the joy of feeling God's company through others. Thank you for also loving my family as I got married and Illya and I were blessed with twin girls, now 16 to whom you have also ministered with your joy and knowledge (in that order too...). May God keep you and allow many thousands of people who, like me, have been touched by you and by God working through you.

Dr. Brian Ari Cole, HKS’08 

April 23, 2019

Father George Salzmann was such a big part of my two years at Harvard. And when I return for Mass, he's always warm, welcoming and kind. I think Christ lives in his heart and actions everytime. As our graduate student Priest, he was very academic as a PhD, in his thoughts to the congregation during Mass and with us individually. I admire him and wish him all the best during his anniversary. We love you Father George Salzmann

Jason Glass and Astrid Glass, HBS’06

April 23, 2019

Father George has been with our family for many important life steps - from graduation, to marriage to our children's baptisms and other many family events. He always brings a special blend of faith, fun and knowledge! And he's selfless, always making time for you, never taking time for himself... we are blessed to have him in our lives!

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Fr. George Salzmann Guestbook

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