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Radical Joy

The weekend of February 21-23, Harvard Undergraduate Students embarked on their Spring retreat with Harvard Graduate Sr. Ann Kateri, CFR, and they prayed and reflected on the theme of "Radical Joy: Gods Great Desire for You."  The students returned to the Franciscan Guest House in Kennebunkport, ME.

Spring 2020 Undergraduate


The FOCUS missionaries were also pivotal in helping to run our Undergraduate Winter retreat this past February. Due to their ability to form relational bonds of friendship centered in Christ and their guidance for the Catholic Student Association leaders, we saw the largest turnout for an off-campus retreat that anyone can remember with 35 attendees!


"Life as a Harvard student can become quite busy. The CSA’s spring retreat presented the wonderful opportunity to retreat to the stillness of Christ in Kennebunkport, Maine. Sr. Ann Kateri centered the retreat around radical joy: the love of Christ in us, radiating outward. In Kennebunkport, the stillness of God in group reflection, prayer, and the Eucharist allowed me to recognize how Christ’s love is suffused throughout me. Gratitude followed. In this spirit of stillness and gratitude, I could experience radical joy in Maine and bring this joy back to Harvard."  


 TJ Dulac '22

"It was a special grace for me personally to be able to lead the CSA’s Spring Retreat. We reflected on Radical Joy as a gift of the life of God within us, radiating out of us. I was edified by the depth and sincerity of the students who were eager to examine where sin and ego were stealing joy in their own lives. There is a beautiful and authentic Catholic community that exists among them, being nurtured in no small part by the dynamic FOCUS missionaries and the dedication of Fr. Patrick. As we find ourselves now in these uncertain times, living from the place of Radical Joy is even more challenging, and I am called on by our weekend together to strive to be faithful to surrendering to God’s will and finding my Joy in Him." 


Sr. Ann Kateri '99, CFR 

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