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Message for December 7

Advent! It’s Christ’s Advent!

St Ambrose (whose feast it is today) said that “Christ’s Coming in Advent Is in Vain - Unless He Comes to Us and Lives in Us!”


This Advent let us be Ready and Alert!

This Advent let us be Open to God’s Spirit and Promptings!

This Advent let us ask God to “Rend the Heavens and Come Down!

This Advent let us notice our need for God and that let God accomplish his Coming into our hearts and lives and world!

St Ambrose called out the Emperor for his troops’ slaughter of innocent people afar and demanded his public penance. The Imperial troops were then ringed about Milan cathedral with the faithful cowering inside expecting slaughter themselves!

But Ambrose kept their spirits up with prayer, singing the Psalms, his encouragement and no doubt Ambrosian chant.

So that finally, incredibly, the emperor did public penance outside the cathedral!

Ambrose had unparalleled Courage and Trust in God!

If you’re facing exams and papers, know we are all praying for you and do make St Ambrose’s example your very own.

As he himself said: “When we find ourselves in some grave danger, we must not lose courage, but firmly trust in God!” Let us not just have the faith but use it…especially during exams!

Please contact me before leave so that I can hear how you’re doing. (Someone’s message appears to have been lost: Please resend if you might and let us meet today. Thanks.). I owe you breakfast or lunch, coffee or dinner before you leave…or, surely, immediately upon your return!

God Bless You All Your Days!

Yours ever,

Father George

Please know of Fr. Kelly’s and Father Patrick’s and my Prayers for You and Your Family!

A Blessed Advent!


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