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2023 Leadership

Members of the Student Board are the undergraduate leaders of the HCC. They work closely with the Chaplain and staff to organize all of the programming and events each year.

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Tresor Nshimiye


Harvard University Class of 2024

A.B. Candidate in Philosophy

Tresor is a junior in Lowell House studying Philosophy and is “just a kid from Akron.” He enjoys nature walks, classical music, and enthusiastic theological discussions. As President, he is excited to share alongside the HCC community Christ’s love to all.
Fadzai Ngwerume_edited_edited.jpg

Isaac Jirak

Formation Chair

Harvard University Class of 2025

A.B. Candidate in Mechanical Engineering

Isaac, coming from the countryside of Kansas, is a sophomore in Dunster House studying Mechanical Engineering. In his spare time, he may be found learning an instrument, reading philosophy, or wandering away from the hiking trail. He considers himself blessed to have the HCC and eagerly looks forward to sharing Christ's mission with others.
Fadzai Ngwerume_edited_edited.jpg

Azul Marmolejo Rubio

Fellowship Chair

Harvard University Class of 2025

A.B. Candidate in History of Science and Government

Azul Marmolejo is a sophomore at Eliot studying History of Science and Government deeply interested in bioethics and loves having conversations about the sanctity of life, family, and the importance of faith. She is originally from San Diego, California, a cradle Catholic and a faithful admirer of St. John Paul II and St. Mother Theresa of Calcutta. Azul is looking forward to serving her fellow students and helping create a Harvard Catholic community where everyone can develop long-lasting friendships that lead toward sanctity.
Fadzai Ngwerume_edited_edited.jpg

Fadzai Ngwerume


Harvard University Class of 2024

A.B. Candidate in Molecular & Cellular Biology

Fadzai is a junior in Leverett House studying Molecular & Cellular Biology. She was born in Zimbabwe, but grew up in South Africa. She is a recent convert to Catholicism and is grateful to be able to call the Catholic Church home. During her free time she enjoys reading, painting, drawing and playing the piano. Fadzai is excited to serve on the board this year and help build the wonderful community at the HCC.
Fadzai Ngwerume_edited_edited.jpg

Kathryn Gagnon

Service Chair

Harvard University Class of 2025

A.B. Candidate in Applied Mathematics

Kathryn Gagnon is a sophomore in Leverett House studying Applied Mathematics who hails from the small town of Cornwall, NY in the beautiful Hudson Valley. She enjoys soccer, movies, quality time with her 9 siblings, and late night problem-set parties at the HCC. She is grateful for the opportunity to serve on the Student Board, and excited for the blessings in store!
Fadzai Ngwerume_edited_edited.jpg

Dr. Karin Öberg

Faculty Advisor

Professor of Astronomy

Visit Professor Öberg's lab website:
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