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Message for November 23

The Graduate Student Chaplaincy and the Harvard Catholic Forum co-sponsored Prof Jack Goldsmith of Harvard Law School who gripped us with the discoveries and decisions he faced as Assistant Attorney General in the Office of Legal Counsel in the White House.

Alone before massive and baffling professional conflicts he turned to God more than he ever had. His tale of how that markedly deepened his Faith and assuaged his anxiety joined his other anecdotes of how Scripture groups’ anything goes interpretations led him to esteem the roots, tradition and magisterium of the Catholic Church in maintaining and preserving the integrity of Sacred Scripture through the centuries.

All who heard him were grateful for his sharing the manifold experiences of his life. All of us who met there last night (only a subset, the law students, are shown) were equally grateful to learn of God’s gifts and our potential in a lively community of faith.

This Thanksgiving, as always, we allow ourselves to extend our gaze to all God’s helps, all life long, and allow our hearts to recall those who taught us the faith along the corridors of the years.

We have so much to be grateful for, from God and from each other!

As my Mother always taught me to pray each day and throughout each day, let us join together in spirit to say “Thank You God for Everything!”

I’ll hope to see you if you’ll be here across those days; otherwise I shall pray for your safe and swift travel!

A Blessed Thanksgiving to You and Yours!

God Love You All Your Days!

Thanks much for all the good you do for all of us!

Father George


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