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Message for April 4, 2024

Updated: Apr 9

Accompanying Christ during Holy Week was transformative for all of us!  I’d suggest we notice how powerful our accompanying Him and His accompanying us through life can be. 


Further, we have the task to accompany others (and let them accompany us.). We seem to miss how transformative that can be. We are taught theology to memorize, but it’s the pastoral dimension that ever gets left out - which Our Lord, the Good Shepherd, never omitted but embodied. 


I’d the chance to mention this on Good Friday (homily linked here) but of course only mentioned a remarkable photo I’d seen. Might I please include it for you here?  The caption is the very heart of the matter. We are wounded in many ways this side of Heaven, but often broken hearts, having been opened are the most generous of all. 


Have you ever seen two happier people than the adopting mother and the adopted son?  God Love Them!  God Love Each of You!


We have our Grad Student Dinner tonight to which all Postdocs and Area Young Professionals are invited as well. Please join us!  Please bring others along!   Question:  How do you get into Heaven?  Answer:  It’s based on the number of people you brought along!  (NB. Often the quietest of people reach others by their listening and kindness and, counter-intuitively, and over time, bring the most people along!


God Love You!


Yours ever,


Father George


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