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Message for February 8, 2024


A woman whose wild yet flawless Latin oration in The Yard at Harvard Commencement left us spellbound, leaves us so again as a young nun of many happy years in her vocation. Another young one nearby is already the highly-regarded Abbess of her monastery. 

The Hollywood successor to Marilyn Monroe for top-billing, Dolores Hart, starred in a series of films with Elvis Presley, Montgomery Clift, Robert Conrad, Steve Boyd, only to call off her engagement and take a taxi from NYC to Bethlehem, CT and enter Regina Laudis monastery. She became the “Nun who kissed Elvis", as seen in the 2011 documentary film, “God Is the Bigger Elvis”. 

That’s actually true.

By far.

By far. 

Our world demands diversity for itself. It rarely grants us that. We often forget to allow ourselves the variety required to Be!  “Be yourself and be that well!” is one of so many of St Francis de Sales’ lines that we all need to learn during a lifetime in which we construct ourselves - or, simply allow ourselves to become who we really are. Is it any wonder that people forbidden their individuality derail into the breakdown lane. Poor things. They and we need our help and God’s Grace and the crucial courage to be!

Let us please encourage each other in all the various callings and vocations that there are.  One of life’s great gifts is Making Room for Each Other!  How touching to see someone make a fuss over another person’s choosing a path that you suspect the first one would never enjoy. Let us help each other to be the individuals God wants us to be, not the cookie-cutter clones of cults, consumerism, or the trite TV groupthink of our crashing culture. By listening for God’s voice, following God’s Hints and Graces, we will find our souls!

The Cardinal has a weekend away for those thinking of the priesthood, two weekends from now, February 23-25.  Let me know if I can send you and others invitations. It’s great to get a weekend off for to pay respect to yourself amidst a workaholic world.   

To allow God in. 

To allow yourself in. 

Please send me your contact info and the Cardinal will send each of you an invitation. 

Thanks for all you do for us. Thanks for all that you will do for the life of the world!

God Love You!

Yours ever,

Father George

Mother Dolores Hart


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