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Message for January 18

I hope you each have a few more days of Break!  What wisdom to take time off and get away and see your family and friends!


Please join us at Mass each day and week and amid all of the programs we remind you of now. Think of all the good that you do here in building up the body of Christ here at The Harvard Catholic Center! 


Please do invite everyone in!  Years from now you will find what difference you made in their lives by letting them know of the Lord’s love and our support. 


The first readings at daily Mass have just reminded us of David and Goliath. Saul tells David he is too young to accomplish anything. Goliath thunders against David, mocking his small size and youth.  But surely you know how it comes out.  Saul was wrong, so was Goliath, and defeated and dead as well!


As you begin a PhD or any advanced degree, you could feel too inexperienced, unaware, ignorant or small. Yet your wit, initiative and ambition have brought you here to better the world - and yourself in the process, and so you shall.


Please be in touch if you get worn down or befuddled, feel hopeless for a time or need encouragement. 


God loves you and will encourage you all your days, and so will we!  

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