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Message for October 19

The Law students use an ingenious trick to meet each other - even across degrees, years and countries: the North End Dinner! We head downtown together from the Hark (HLS Student Center), changing trains, mixing, chatting and then have dinner together, always making new friends!

My initial experience had been that the foreign one year Ll.M. students seemed only to be acknowledged by the three year American J.D.’s by a laugh line in the yearly HLS Parody play. On being asked a question - in the play - the foreign student would deflect it in parodied English not by an answer but by a declaration: “I am Ll.M.!”

In actual fact the foreign students pursuing an Ll.M. have superb English and crackerjack résumés but just need some outreach by J.D.’s (and themselves vice-versa) on a busy campus. One year one of them wrote me, years later, of their time here at Harvard Law: “Father, that North End Dinner was the first time that I actually felt that I was at Harvard Law!”

We had a superb time and will repeat it shortly so that all get included and all of us are shuffled.

Please get in touch with me this week so that all campuses can schedule lunches here, programs and Scripture groups anew and then dinners afar so that we all invite everyone in! The Catholic Church, after all, has been summed up in James Joyce’s famed line “Here Comes Everybody!” When we each invite everyone in on each campus, that’s exactly what comes into being!

All the more so when we intentionally gather with everyone whom we have invited to the monthly Grad Dinner, every first Thursday here in DiGi Hall at 7pm. Usually we have Eucharistic Adoration and Confessions in St Paul’s Church beforehand at 6pm. Ah but NB this coming month! November 2nd, All Soul’s Day falls on our first November Thursday we will celebrate a Requiem Mass here with our Choir singing the Faurè Requiem - Not as a performance but as an actual act of latria, praying the Mass together for our deceased family and friends with the assist of our choir and Fauré’s - and our - luminous devotion in prayer together. Please invite all classmates, faculty and staff, as well as family and friends from afar! Please mark our All Souls Day Mass and the Fauré Requiem on your calendars.

Please do each let me know how you are doing!

God Bless You Always!


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