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Message for September 21st


“Conversations with Catholic Scholars and Scientists” of the Harvard Catholic Forum begins tonight at 7pm in the HCC student lounge. Please join us to hear Sofia Carozza, a postdoc at HMS who studies the role of adversity in the evolution and development of the human brain. (Please see here for more info)

Our Men’s and Women’s Groups have gotten off to an auspicious start. Please calendar them so you’ll be able to join them regularly.

As we continue to return from Covid we need to return to full force in the variety of our programming , and indeed to surpass it, so that everyone can be involved! Please feel free to suggest new programs, trips, book groups and all kinds of lively groups and gatherings here. I always say Yes to new proposals and am hoping you’ll jump in to produce your long-imagined creation here at the Harvard Catholic Center! We do not intend to have a bureaucracy made up of current program heads that obstruct new ones. Rather, please jump in and join together in welcoming new students with new tastes, goals and interests through your heading up a new offering that we can sponsor and advertise!

We are blessed to know God the Holy Spirit’s support all our lives long. How enlivening was our Mass of the Holy Spirit and reception afterwards that opened our new academic year. What a great blessing Bishop Robert Barron’s afternoon lecture on the Catholic Intellectual Tradition was in Harvard Yard.

Besides the good Bishop speaking about God, we’ve our need to be in contact with God in liturgy and prayer directly. Do please join us daily at Mass, as well as Eucharistic Adoration, Confessions and weekly Rosary Group. Please do join us!

Please do contact me at any hour if you are facing difficulty and need someone to speak to!

Please let me know when I can take you to breakfast, lunch or dinner (on me) or a walk around The Yard and its history - while I learn of your history, hopes, plans and concerns. I’d love to hear how you are doing!

Yours ever,

Father George


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